1. How has adoption changed your life?

    I feel lost, and my whole life I feel like something has been missing.

  1. What is a lesson from your adoption experience that could be life-changing for all families?

    Things are much different now than it was back when this happened to me. It is more acceptable to keep your child now. I would hope that maybe to speak with a professional councilor or Dr to advise them of possible feelings that could arise in the future.

  1. What changes would you like to see made in adoption?

    I would give anything in the world to be able to tell him that I tried to keep him but back then my family and society made it impossible. I did go to a few agencies and was told they could not help me. Back then you were not allowed to go to school and I knew without my high school diploma I would not be able to get a job. My family didn't want people I was put in a home. When he was born I told my mother that he was mine and I wanted to keep him. Catholic Charities told me to sign the paper. When this was all spoken the women told my mother to leave the room. And she told me to sign the papers. I did what I was told and left the room. I knew then my life was never going to be good the day I left the hospital I felt like I left part of my body behind.