1. What role does your organization play in the adoption experience?

    Live To Be Restored is an organization that is focused on advocacy, awareness and outreach to support the adoptee as well as the adoption triad. As the founder of Live To Be Restored and an adoptee myself, I have dedicated my time to educating myself around the needs of the adoptee and the triad. I now hope to educate within the adoption community and beyond. I provide emotional and educational support to adoptees and their families through all stages of the adoption process.

  1. Share an example of something your organization has learned that could be life changing for all families.

    I have learned personally and through my work that no matter what anyone else believes to be true about your adoption experience they are wrong. Each situation is divinely unique. The only way an adoptee can be supported is by being given the freedom to express their experience as uniquely theirs and have that experience accepted and validated by the adoptive family and the community.

  1. What changes would you like to see made in adoption?

    As a part of the adoption community we have to take steps to ask for the help we need. I would like to see all adoptees who have come into awareness about how this experience shaped their lives make a stand so that help becomes more readily available and adoptees can begin to feel united.