1. Tell us how adoption has changed your life:

    Now there's a very good reason not to get enough sleep, to miss the newest movie or the latest book - Nothing has taught me more about love and wanting to give, while at the same time learning that giving my daughter space to grow into her self is most important – than adopting Emma. Now when I feel like I'm missing something in my life I know exactly where she is. Oh, and I look at recipes now! That's huge.

  1. Share a lesson from your experience that is relevant to all families:

    My daughter is Chinese and I am White. We've had people talk to us - especially on the subway - asking if she knows she's adopted. I remember when she was about 7, Emma’s first response to me was 'Don't they see me sitting here? Don’t they think I speak English?' She wasn't sassy. Just matter of fact. We talked about adoption openly from the start.

  1. Tell us what changes you would like to see made in the adoption experience:

    As far as international adoptions go, the waiting process is too long but I'd have waited a million years for my daughter.