1. How has adoption changed your life?

    Adoption combined with my military service led me to create AWOL AdopteesWithOutLiberty.com where we advocate for the rights of soldiers who are adopted to have access to their own birth certificates.

  1. What is a lesson from your adoption experience that could be life-changing for all families?

    Many adoptees are drawn to military service for a variety of reasons that include desire for self worth, need for unconditional brotherhood from fellow soldiers, and in some cases a feeling of invincibility. Adopted persons tend to adjust very well to a military life style as there is constant change, whether in the form of deployment or change of duty station.

  1. What changes would you like to see made in adoption?

    If we can trust soldiers at 18 years old to carry a weapon in defense of our country we certainly can trust them to have their own birth certificates at this age of majority.