1. Tell us how adoption has changed your life:

    As a gay couple in the year 2000, we weren't entirely sure just how easy or difficult it would be for us to adopt, and so we walked parallel paths. We enlisted a private adoption agency, and we registered with Foster Services. As it turns out, Foster Services was the winner - and we brought home our beautiful baby boy from the hospital at the age of 6 weeks. We repeated the process two years later and brought home a 3-week old little boy - this time without bothering with the private sector. From the very start, the primary change in life becomes a distinct shift of focus from "us" to "them." Priorities change suddenly, and naturally. And, being a gay, interracial, foster-adoptive family has afforded us the opportunity to shatter myths and dispel preconceived notions about what families really look like, and the many ways in which they are created.

  1. Share a lesson from your adoption experience that is relevant to all families:

    We've learned that no matter how one creates a family - and there are so many ways - once the "process" is complete - parenthood is parenthood is parenthood, in all its joys and frustrations.

  1. Tell us what changes you would like to see made in the adoption experience:

    Something we discovered during our adoption process was the disparity that exists in regards to the adoption of children of color. We were horrified to learn that in many cases, adopting minority children was "cheaper" than adopting white children. I understand the reasons, but this inequity must be addressed.