1. How has adoption changed your life?

    It changed everything. Instead of living the life I was born to, I lived the life that was chosen by a worker in an adoption agency.

  1. What is a lesson from your adoption experience that could be life-changing for all families?

    That adoption does not guarantee a better life, only a different life. It does not guarantee the quality of life either. All I ever wanted was my mother's love. "Things" aren't important, I would have gladly lived in a 1 room apartment if my Mother kept me. I gained absolutely nothing positive by being adopted.

  1. What changes would you like to see made in adoption?

    Adoption has be come a big business with economic models pricing based on supply and demand, with children as the commodity, and birth/first-mothers are the supply chain. We simply must take the money out of adoption, and make family preservation a priority. I'd like to see adoption be a rare thing.